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5th May, 2003

Tales From the Australian Underground, a 2CD collection compiling 1976 to 1989, will be launched on Saturday May 24 @ Metro Theatre & Transit Lounge, Sydney. Performing on the night will be The Lighthouse Keepers (The Cannanes), Sekret Sekret (The Cruel Sea), The Moodists (The Dave Graney Show, Dirty Three), Ed Kuepper (The Saints, Laughing Clowns), Ups & Downs (Big Heavy Stuff, Atticus) and X. Tickets are $35 + bf from the Metro Box Office,, Redeye Record or Fish Records Newtown. The CD, posters and t-shirts will be available at the show.


Formed in 1982 and lasting through until 1986, Canberra residents, the Lighthouse Keepers released three brilliant singles including Gargoyle and Ocean Liner and the album, Tales of the Unexpected. Featuring the unique vocals of Juliette Ward and backed by the songwriting talents of Greg Appel, the Lighthouse Keepers pursued a brand of folk infused pop that blended sweet melodies with melancholy lyrics and provided some sweet refrain from the then dominant guitar rock sounds of Sydney via Detroit. For this show Juliette and Greg will be joined by another original Lighthouse Keeper, bassist/guitarist/saxophonist Stephen O'Neil, on day leave from his current band, The Cannanes.

On stage: Metro Theatre 8.30pm - 9.15pm

Sekret Sekret existed from 1980 through 1987 drawing on sixties psychedelia, Stooges like drone, folk and pop. They released four (4) fantastically diverse singles including the recognised classics, New King Jack and Girl With a White Stick but no full length album. Since that time the band has fractured into various entities most noticeably, The Cruel Sea which features former Sekret Sekret members Danny Rumour (guitar), James Elliott (drums) and Ken Gormley (bass). For this show, Danny will join vocalist David Virgin for the first time since 1987 to perform a selection of Sekret Sekret favourites. Danny & David will also be joined in cameo roles by other original Sekret Sekret members, Peter Mullany (guitar) and bassist/guitarist Des Devlin along with percussionist John Boy Healey.

On stage: The Transit Lounge 9.15pm - 10.00pm

Formed in 1980 from the ashes of South Australian punk group The Sputniks, The Moodists, featuring Dave Graney (vocals), Clare Moore (drums), Steve Miller (guitar) and Chris Walsh (bass) tackled blues, New York styled art-punk, rockabilly and minimalism to create an unholy mess all of their own. The Moodists relocated twice, first to Melbourne and then to London releasing a string of great singles, the mini album Engine Shudder and album proper Thirsty's Calling along the way. The post Moodists career of Dave & Clare is well enough known but many would be surprised to learn that the later day Moodists also featured Mick Turner, guitarist for Australia's hugely successful, Dirty Three. A CD anthology of The Moodists has recently been released and for this special night all four original Moodists plus Mick will reform for a rare one off treat.

On stage: Metro Theatre 10.00pm - 10.45pm

From the seminal Saints through the genre bending Laughing Clowns through a successful solo career, Ed Kuepper has continued to be both Australia's most inspired artist and a major influence on our whole musical community. He continues to be so currently working on soundtracks for various short films and and an opera with respected novelist Linda Javin. It's a long way from the The Saints classic (I'm) Stranded, but better proof of his talent and diversity you would be challenged to find. For this night Ed will perform solo in whatever guise he chooses!

On stage: The Transit Lounge 10.45pm - 11.30pm

Busting out of Brisbane mid nineteen eighties in all their paisley glory, Ups & Downs crafted fine pop songs to the backing of twelve string Rickenbackers and glorious harmonies. Time was on their side as the rest of the World seemed to groove to a similar feel via the sounds of R.E.M, The Church and others. Fantastic indie singles such as The Perfect Crime and The Living Kind showed giant potential and were followed by the mini album Sleepless and album Underneath the Watchful Eye, but in the end the expectation proved too much and Ups & Downs imploded. Secular careers have happened for the brothers Atkinson with singer/bassist Greg scoring some success with Big Heavy Stuff and drummer/vocalist Darren finding a home in Atticus. For the first time since 1990 we are pleased to announce that Greg and Darren will be joined by the other half of Ups & Downs, Peter Shaw and John Blade for this very special event.

On stage: Metro Theatre 11.30pm - 12.15am

Alongside The Saints, Sydney's, X can make claim to being THE Australian punk band. Oblivious to fashion, trend or style of any culture, X blend boogie, raw rock 'n roll and punk rock energy to create a bass-driven rush of a sound that can only ever be classified as X-Music. Originally formed in 1978 and still going strong after 25 years and various break ups and line-up changes, stalwarts Ian Rilen and Steve Lucas are joined again by another original X member, Geoff Holmes and new drummer Cath Synnerdahl to close this very special evening.

On stage: The Transit Lounge 12.15am - 1.15am

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