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25th February, 2003

The Lost Weekend Festival, a celebration of Australian independent guitar pop, is happening in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth consecutively during the month of March. The event will run for three sessions over an entire weekend in each city. An accompanying 23 track compilation CD has been released jointly by Laughing Outlaw Records and Zip Records. It features the following artists: Starky, Major, Sarah Sarah, Showbag!, Ice Cream Hands, City Lights, Pyramidiacs, Shifter, The Innocents, Superscope, The Kubes, Magneto, Adam Power, The Chevelles, Even, Michael Carpenter & King's Rd, Spencer Tracy, Danny McDonald, Challenger 7, Lynchpin, Ruteger, Treetops and Groundswell. For further information consult


Sydney - Bridge Hotel, Rozelle. 7, 8, 9 March (check for playing order)

Even, Superscope, Soap Star Joe, Sarah Sarah, The Kubes, Reservations, Lazy Susan, Shifter, Michael Carpenter & King's Rd, The Innocents, Groundswell, Challenger 7, Montana, Organic, Pyramidiacs, Major, Treetops, Starky, Adam Power, Ruteger

Melbourne - Tote Hotel, 14, 15, 16 March (check for playing order)

Even, Icecream Hands, Treetops, Superscope, Soap Star Joe, Ruteger, Michael Carpenter, Major, Groundswell, Shifter, Starky, Challenger 7, Danny McDonald, Pyramidiacs, Little Murders, Sarah Sarah, Montana

Perth - Amplifier Bar, Newport Hotel (check for playing order)

Pyramidiacs, Superscope, The Chevelles, Showbag!, Spencer Tracy, Soap Star Joe (solo), Ruteger, Michael Carpenter (solo), Gigantic.