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7th February, 2003

End Of Summer Back To School Party is a day of music at the Annandale, Sydney happening on Sunday February 9. Bands on the bill are Rumanastone, Sea Life Park, Starboard, The Fangs, Oneironaut (Melbourne), Quarter Acre, Seaworthy, Phreaddee (Newcastle), The Prostitutes, The Stockholm Syndrome, Kuybyshev and Little Sky.

***playing times***

Rumanastone 8.55- 9.45pm
Sea Life Park 7.55- 8.35pm
Starboard 7.00- 7.40pm
The Fangs (only NSW show till mid March) 6.05- 6.45pm
Oneironaut (Melb) 5.10- 5.50pm
Quarter Acre 4.25- 4.55pm
Seaworthy 3.40 - 4.10pm
Phreaddee 3.00- 3.25pm
The Prostitutes (Simon Day etc) 2.15- 2.45pm
The Stockholm Syndrome 1.30- 2.00pm
Kuybyshev 12.45- 1.15pm
Little Sky 12.00- 12.30pm