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Music News

19th December, 2002

Seraphs Coal due a double booking will now be playing their last ever show on January 18 in Melbourne. Currently in the midst of their farewell tour, they play their last ever shows in their hometown of Adelaide this weekend with two all ages shows on Fri Dec 20 and Sat Dec 21 at Enigma Bar. Only available at the shows will be their limited edition Scrapbook rareties CD

Fri 20 Dec : Enigma Bar, Adelaide with Thinktank, Edison, STR & Embodiment 12:14. $10, ALL AGES!

Sat 21 Dec : Enigma Bar, Adelaide with 99 Reasons Why, The Killchoir Project, Antiskeptic & Mere Theory. $10, ALL AGES!

Sat 18 Jan : The Evelyn, Melbourne with 99 Reasons Why, Horsell Common & No Plan B. 8.30pm, $10 entry.