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Music News

19th November, 2004

Castings tours Melbourne and Adelaide this December to promote its new EP, Uh Lotta Ukulele, and forthcoming split 7" with Melbourne's II to be released on Steady Cam Records as part of the Background Frequencies Series.

[Thursday December 2nd @ Planet Cafe, Melbourne]
Hi-God People, Castings, Bletchly Girls
kicks off at 9pm

[Friday December 3rd @ SEAS Gallery, Adelaide]
Headdress Of Neon Flames, Castings, Artax Mission, Ned Collette (City City City), Lola, Mcguyver Taxi Driver,
Golden Swallow, V, DJ Manimal
early start/all ages/byo

[Saturday December 4th @ Exeter Hotel, Adelaide]
Headdress Of Neon Flames, Castings

[Sunday December 5th @Bar Open, Melbourne]
North Atlantic, Castings, II
9.30pm start