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17th July, 2003

'2 Minute Warning' is a new compilation featuring 39 bands and 39 tracks all on, or under, the 2 minute mark. The 39 bands are Home For The Def, Mangey Koh Chang Nipple Dogs, 5!nytk, Aleks Habus with Booster Suction Inlets, No Through Road, Wagons, Yearlings, Rich Gohl, Frontiers In Photography, Susan W Heater, The Moonies, Bleeding Hearts, Rockin' Times, Kandinsky, The Invisibles, Straight 2 Video, Digger And The Pussycats, The Frustrations, Truck Train Tractor, The Beautiful Few, Madeline's Wreath, Simpatico, God Burning System, The Backfeed Slumber, The Radar B, The Silvermine Tapes, Marxist Real Estate, Green Bikini, Moth, Jon Dale & Kynan Lawlor, Hit The Jackpot, Scott O'Hara, Sound Of Mercy Killing, Ianto Ware, Hardy Coxon, Jihad Against America, George W Bush, Bombscare and Roo Shooter. It's being launched at the Jade Monkey in Adelaide on Saturday July 19 with thirteen bands from the compilation playing sets on, or under, the fifteen minute mark.

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